All the research articles published in MUSLIM PERSPECTIVES are peer reviewed by international scholars. Following are the guidelines for the writers to follow:

  • Articles should be around 5000/6000 words.
  • The writing should contain a brief and concise abstract at start of the writing under heading “Abstract”.
  • APA (American Psychological Association) style guide should be used for referencing style.
  • Writing should contain positively and it should be constructive.
  • Writing should not invoke racial, ethnic, or any other kind of discrimination causing intimidation or incitement to violence against a group or individual.
  • Writer(s) should avoid any kind of conflicts of interest or the presence of conflicts of interest throughout the research process.
  • Contents of writing should not be ambiguous and adhere to relevance, accuracy with the chosen topic/title.
  • Writer(s) should ensure the academic integrity and ethics of writing.
  • Plagiarism/ self-plagiarism must be avoided and writing should not contain plagiarized material.
  • It is responsibility of writer(s) to take permission of using copyright material from other sources.

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